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Replica Pandora Bracelets

“Socially responsible” Danish jewelry brand PANDORA (not to be confused with streaming service Pandora) has selected McCann London to lead a new global campaign for spring/summer 2017.Replica Pandora Bracelets.McCann will be tasked with creating all above-the-line advertising for the campaign, as well as supporting other communications channels related to the effort. According to a statement, the campaign will mark “the first step in a new direction in terms of how the brand will be celebrating female empowerment through jewellery in the future.”Cheap Jewelry Pandora Sale.“At the beginning of 2016 we launched a new brand communications platform and started an evolution of PANDORA. We are still on a journey and getting ready to write the next chapter of our brand’s history,” Pandora senior vice president, CMO Minna Philipson said in the statement. “McCann understood the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us, and developed a range of innovative creative solutions for the coming year to help us become the world’s most loved jewellery brand.”Discount Pandora Bracelets Sale.“PANDORA is already a powerful force in the jewellery industry.


Ariel McRae just wanted to marry the love of her life, but even though her now husband Quinn didn’t have much, he insisted in getting her an engagement ring.Cheap Pandora Bracelets.But when the couple visited the jewelry store Pandora in Tennessee, one employee shamed the groom after purchasing a $130 ring.Ariel posted a photo on social media describing the experience and how her then fiance was left humiliated.Jewelry Charm Pandora Cheap.The couple said instead of getting upset, they bought the rings and left.Local news reports that after the jewelry store learned about the rude remarks of the employee, the company apologized to the couple over the insults they got over their budget for an engagement ring.The store asked Ariel to pass on the name of the employee but she declined saying the posts intention was never to get someone fired.Replica Pandora Bracelets.Ariel’s inspiring post has hit a chord with many people, quickly going viral on Facebook.Now other people are posting pictures of their own rings, with similar sentiments.

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